TIGRILLO / easy lunch idea

This was inspired on of my surf travels thru Ecuador . Tigrillo is a traditional dish eaten usually at breakfast, it has green plantains, eggs and cheese. This is a vegan version of this dish, and i like to eat it after i have woken up early, taught and practiced yoga, so it is kind of my brunch. It is super easy, takes very little time, its also very nourishing, and keeps me full and with energy thru my day till dinner. It's also very inexpensive and you pretty much can use whatever is in your refrigerator. 

The basic recipe:

  • 1 green platain
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • an inch of red onions
  • 1 green onion
  • herbs ( basil, cilantro , parsey) i use a blend of the three or only one depending on what i have at hand.
  • greens , be creative! ( i used in this recipe Talstoi, baby kale and asparagus but again, any green works, broccoli, bok choi, spinach)
  • shitake mushrooms ( or any other kind)
  • 1 tbs of coconut oil

Peel the green plantain, cut in pieces and put in boiling water to cook and soften.
While this is cooking, saute the coconut oil with the onion and garlic, add a pinch of pink or celtic salt , peeper to taste, the herbs of your choice and mix the vegetables in.
Toss the harder vegetables in first and the leafy greens at the end. I like to always use a kind of mushroom, this time i used Shitake. Shitake are one of the most healing mushrooms out there. They are common and can be found in farmers market and grocery stores, and help to improve the immune function of the body. (also they are a stimulant and aphrodisiac!!!)
Take the soft plantains out and mash them.
Mix in with your veggies and saute for a minute, if it looks a little dry add a little more coconut oil ( or any oil you like to use) . I love coconut oil, I use it in my skin, hair, food, teeth etc. It is great to cook at high heat and its benefits are amazing! it is consider a superfood. Coconut oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties. It increases your energy and it is pure brain food, it also kills bacteria and fungus. I recently went to a coconut oil plant in Ecuador too and will post some more details about this on my next blog post!
Serve with a hanful of greens and a little avocado. I like to drizzle some flax oil on top of the avocado, to get a boost of omega oils, and squeeze a little lemon and a pinch of salt.
Sprinkle some fresh herbs on top or even some sesame seeds.

The most important thing about this dish is that it really has no right or wrong, as long as you keep the basic platain and sauted veggie recipe you can play with the flavours, use what's seasonal in your area, use the spices, herbs and flavors you most like and its always delicious. And If you want to add egg & chesse, that's yummy too :) it's about having fun and following your gut .