The alchemy of fermentation

The alchemy of fermentation goes back to almost all civilizations. It’s been passed on from generation to generations. This ancient wisdom was a survival tool of native tribes. They preserved vegetables, fruits and meats in order to survive the harshness of nature, and enabled them to plant roots.

Fermented and cultured foods provides us with great probiotiocs needed to feed the bacteria in our gut. Did you know that the community of bacteria cells in our gut are larger than our human cells? We also produce 95% of seratonin in our gut! That expalins a lot! Also our gut is in charged of regulating our immune system and metabolism. If our microbiome is balanced and happy so are we! Life in food gives us life.

Almost every culture has a practice of cultured foods and ferments. It is great to cultivate this practice and have a little bit of probiotic, live foods evereyday. You don't have to have huge amounts, a little cultured yogurt , sourkraut, pickles etc. These are things we can easily make ourselves, take little time, we can store and are very inexpensive. Most importantly we can create our own recipes letting our creative healer flow and play with a wide variaties of flavors and colors.


  • 1 clove of garlic
  • little cukes
  • 1 tsp fresh or dried dill seeds 
  • 1 tsp juniper berries
  • a pinch of celtic salt
  • 1 grape leaf (for tanning and crunch)
  • Method:

Put the cukes in a glass jar. Add the spices, you can really play with the flavours you like here, there is no right or wrong! trust your instincts. Add fresh spring water to fill the jar. Put aside away from the sunlight for a couple of days. Taste them and when you like the flavor put them in the refrigerator. SERIOUSLY THATS IT! ENJOY . BREATH. PLAY .