A Change in Season

Peeling Layers of Self

With change comes new beginnings.

As winter fades and we come out of hibernation, days grow longer, the sun starts to warm our skin and flowers start blooming. A change in season often brings with it imbalances, creating a sense of 'feeling stuck' or uninspired. This makes it for a perfect time to cultivate habits that nourish and reset our system, allowing for a fresh start and a reconnection to our most authentic higher self. This is the perfect time for planting seeds. But before we being to plant , we need to do some weeding, a little clearing of the earth in which we are going to be planting.

Opening space for new growth is even more important than planting new. There needs to be a clean, open, nourished space for our seeds to thrive and their roots to grow. True healing and health is not only achieved by eating huge amounts of kale and avocados. Food is really important but even more important than food is lifestyle. The act of purging or purifying in all levels of our existence helps us get rid of toxins on a physical and emotional level. Getting rid of clutter in our physical and emotional space helps us open space in our hearts and minds and experience healing and transformation.


  1. ALL YOUR RELATIONS: Attitude of gratitude.
    All our relationships are food. Ask yourself is there any relationship in your life that is no longer feeding you? Whether is work, family, friendship, lovers, are these relations helping you grow? supporting you? or are they draining your energy, making you feel stuck, and no longer serving you? are there any of these relations that you need to work on or let go of? Acknowledging these relations for what they once where, when they filled you with joy and honoring them, having an attitude of gratitude towards them and releasing them can help you heal and clear space for the new relations in your life to come and grow.

  2. SACRED SPACE: Attitude of Abundance.
    We live in a world where we are constantly told we are not enough, living in constant competition and comparison. Feeling like we need to buy into products to be happy, hoarding and cluttering not only our spaces but our minds. Having an attitude of abundance, that WE ARE ENOUGH, that we have everything we need is a great way of start to clear physical space. This is a spiritual practice, simplifying. When we have a space that is free of clutter, we can think clearer, our ideas can flow and so can our energy. When we trust the universe that it provides for us there is no need for clinging to anything or anyone that doesn't bring you joy.

  3. DIVINE BODY: Attitude of Acceptance.
    As much as it important to clear out our outer environment a little inner clearing is also a good practice to have. You can take it as far as you want, fasting, doing a cleanse, elimination diet etc. This are all great ways of getting rid of cravings, addictions, and preparing your body for a new season. I like to focus more on one thing I like to clear out. Having a single goal at a time makes a great recipe for success. Choose one thing that you feel is making you feel sluggish, keeping you up at night, making you unhappy or without energy. One thing that you feel has more control over you than you control over it. Try to remove this food, drink, substance or behavior for two weeks. Commit to it and see how you feel. Have an attitude of acceptance for who you are, how you look and start from a place of love without judgment, this will help you stay on track and focused.


I've been asked to share this recipe a lot so here it goes! It's probably the most amazing chocolate mouse you can have- guilt free, that makes you feel nourished, energized and blessed. It's also easy to make, takes about 5 min., it's vegan, healthy, you can be as creative as you want (there is no going wrong) and even your kids will love it.
4 medium, ripe avocados
1/3 cup maple syrup (or any sweetener of your choice, honey & coconut nectar are great options too)
1/2 cup raw cacao powder
Pinch of salt Himalayan
1/4 tsp Cinnamon

1 tsp medicinal mushroom blend (optional) for a longevity & immune boost.
1/4 cup of espresso

Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth and uniform. Chill in the fridge and serve. You can serve as is or garnish with fresh fruits, nuts, coconut flakes or any toppings you love. Breath. Share. Enjoy. Smile.

All Art images from artist Rocio Montoya

All Art images from artist Rocio Montoya