POISON proud sponsor of the Rio Olympics !

Are you guys watching the Olympics?

I have some, I 💖 watching them with my 8 yr old boy, specially the gymnastics & track and field. But I have to say I feel so disturbed about those Coca Cola & McDonalds commercials. Seriously??? These are the sponsors of the Olympics in 2016? Showing the most amazing high performance athletes drinking Coke in a time when we are suffering from the biggest health crisis in this country? With increasing rates of obesity & diabetes in children and adults and heart disease, this is what we are promoting and showing the world and our children that these athletes are consuming? POISON?☠ C'mon is not the 1950's! We know that these things are making our population fat and our children sick. One 12oz Coke alone has 9.5 tsp of sugar! Would you ever feed your kids or yourself that amount of sugar in one serving? I'm embarrassed and saddened that these giant corporations are still allowed to even sell their products let alone advertise on an event like this where the whole world is watching. How do you feel about this ? I would love to hear your thoughts.