Beauty Tonic

Lunar Herbal Infusion

This a powerful blend of herbs that create a potent tonic to nourish the skin insode out. With time your eyes will become brighter, your skin will glow and your liver will heal. Take it alone or with juice, water or added to soups or smoothies.


  • 2 parts turmeric ( dry of fresh)
  • 2 parts gotu kula
  • 2 parts burdock
  • 1 part calendula
  • 1 part horsetail
  • 1 part nettle
  • lemon peel ( for an extra antioxidant punch and vitamin C)


Tinctures are great because they are potent remedies, very concentrated and can keep for up to 10 yrs. Also they are easy to travel with!

  • Use strong grain alcohol, minimum 50 proof , vodka is the most commonly used and easy to find

  • Use a glass wide mouth mason jar with lid

  • if using fresh herbs cut them finely and top with alcohol

  • with Dry herbs: grind, then top with alcohol

  • Leave in the jar in a dark place for 1 lunar cycle. Then strain with fine mesh or cheesecloth squeezing the herbs dry.

  • A good ratio is having 1-2 inches of alcohol over the top of the herbs or 3/4 of the jar filed with herbs then top with the liquid.

  • Close the lid, but put seran wrap over the lid first to prevent from rusting and close tightly.

  • Store in a cool dark place. Check and mix every once in a while if the herbs look dry top it off with alcohol as needed. no herbs should be left touching air, this will make bacteria to grow.

  • Let it infuse for one Lunar cycle.

  • When ready, staring doubling up a cheesecloth using a funnel into a dark glass drooper.

  • Dose: 1-2 squirts 1x3 times a day as needed

  • Start with single ingredients, then mix as desired , experiment, and enjoy the process, connecting with the wisdom of the plants. The possibilities are endless!!

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