Maria Margolies/Holixtic Philosophy

We are all unique and expansive. We are all healers.

Movement is medicine. The body is the vessel in which we travel the physical world. For that we should honor, respect it, love it & nourish it in every way we can. Movement is another form of nourishment and one of the most healing practices we can do for ourselves. It prevents and cures diseases more than traditional medicine. Increases energy, improves mood, sleep, cures depression, increases confidence, reduces stress, improves digestion & immunity, organ function, keeps your brain healthy and the best of all and most important medicine for the soul it produces pleasure.

Holixtic is a place where you will find ideas, recipes, and information that will help you get healthy, whole and holy. With my guidance and tools you will be able to nourish your physical, spiritual and emotional body. Whether your goals are to lose weight, increase energy, improve digestion, relieve stress or boost your overall health I can help you get there. We will find the spiritual being that you dream of , create an exercise routine that will keep you strong and fit, achieve your optimal health and the physical body you are meant to have. Everything is possible when you have the tools, create awareness, , focus your attention and learn to live with mindfulness in all the aspects of your being.

You will achieve this with my guidance and support and by creating a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle, that you can sustain and that works for you. We are all unique! Contact me for a Free consultation so you can not only dream but live your dreams.