Book me to host a yoga retreat, workshop or movement activation or immersive experience.

YOGA RETREATS: I have hosted retreats in Costa Rica, Colombia, Montana, and Ecuador that incorporate movement, yoga, mindfulness and self-care. Creating an expansive, multi-sensory, healing experience. Partners have included Free People, Topping Rose Hotel, Woom Center, Maha Rose and Montauk Beach House.

Lucid and Live: A 90 min. journey. Together, we activate our sacred life force energy. We free our minds, listen to our bodies and ground ourselves into our human experience. An immersive journey through all the senses; with spontaneous movement, breath, yogic flow and nidra encased in a portal of sound vibrations and healing, herbals concoctions and conversation.

YOGA WORKSHOPS: Maria combines years of experience into her own unique blend of flowing, creative vinyasas, spontaneous movement, breath and focused stillness. Inspiring balance, strength, aligment and deep awareness.